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Create a personalized video of the stars and constellations that were visible overhead on your special night.

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You choose a place and time and we generate an animation showing the stars that were visible throughout the entire night. The three minute video includes the stars entering during sunset, the constellations that were overhead during the night, and the stars exiting during sunrise. If any planets or the Moon were visible on your night, they'll appear too (with the Moon in its correct phase!). The video shows the entire sky, with the southern horizon along the bottom. 

The music is generated by the stars themselves, by converting each star's color and brightness into a musical note. This process is called sonification. The redder stars produce lower pitched notes while the bluer stars produce higher notes. The brighter the star, the louder the note. The animation and music are created using highly accurate astronomical catalogs and our own software.

After your personalized movie is created we'll email you the video file so you can share it with someone you love, and relive that magic moment.

Please allow 2-3 business days.

Create Your Starry Night

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